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Effexor is a remedy that helps with depressive disorders, anxiety neurosis, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Practicing the use of tools and in the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy, as well as migraine, which in principle is uncharacteristic of antidepressants.

Effexor has antidepressant effects. This drug belongs to the group of antidepressants, is a mixture of two stereoisomers with mirror reflections. But the chemical composition of the drug, it can not be attributed to the group of drugs antidepressants.

Effexor is prescribed for the following disorders:
– with prophylactic treatment of relapses during a recurrent depressive disorder;
– during the treatment of depression, which is accompanied by anxiety.
– during panic attacks and anxiety neurosis;
– for the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy;
– in a complex of appointments at migraine therapy.

Doctor review Effexor

Effexor is an antidepressant that helps eliminate depressive disorders and associated mental disorders of the central nervous system.

I often prescribe to take this medication to my patients with a disorder of the nervous system, anxiety, panic fears, during severe depressive states.

At first, the effect of taking the drug is not observed, this is due to its slow action. After 1 year of administration, the state is fully normalized, the nervous system is restored. True, side effects may appear in the first few weeks of treatment, but they quickly pass.

Patients have their own opinion

About 3 years ago I had many problems in my life that put me in a prolonged depressive state. First of all, this is the illness of my son, but, thank God, everything returned to normal.

I was also betrayed by a loved one, and this was already a last resort. At that moment I just did not want to live, it lasted almost 1.5 years, and it is very much. It turns out that in these cases one must go to the doctor, I did not know until my sister told me.

About 2 years ago I began to notice for myself that I had frequent bouts of depression, anxiety, panic fear. Every day, these states only intensified more and more. As a result, I began to sleep poorly, severe headaches and irritability appeared.

Immediately went to see a psychotherapist. He prescribed me to take the drug Effexor. I took it for about 6 months, all the unpleasant symptoms passed, the state returned to normal. True, there were many side effects at first.

After taking the doctor said that you need to drink the drug Effexor for 6 months. After the full course of treatment, everything returned to normal, even the side effects did not arise.

Buy Effexor

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